Affordable web design for small businessesFreelance web page design that won't break your budget
Higher conversion websiteIntuitive web layout and flow - sales & marketing best practices
Responsive webdesignWebsites that look good on all devices
Higher traffic presentation websiteBasic SEO settings included in the price

I design fast and efficient presentation websites using premium WordPress templates for people and small businesses who don't have massive marketing budgets.

I work efficiently, reliably and fairly - I know what a good website needs, I know the tools and skills to build it faster, I work alone and am efficient. We'll combine your ideas with my knowledge to create a solution that will help you and your business grow.
I can't do everything, but I can do what most individuals / small businesses need, efficiently. Find out more below or drop me a line


My clients say it best - see some of their comments on my webdesign work


Good website design doesn't have to cost much. Affordable prices for basic / simple websites or enhanced sites with additional features

All webdesign prices / packages include a CMS (content management system) that will allow you to easily update the content of your site - page texts, new articles, images. I'll prepare a manual for you, no worries

Multilingual sites using WPML are not a problem - blogs, ecommerce, company presentation sites.

Simple but modern presentation website
Basic website with all you need to impress your customers:
responsive design
header with your logo
menu with desired pages (i.e. about us, contact, services...)
contact form
social networks links
Google map
price list / table
key SEO settings
Custom - extended website
Like simple website, plus:
custom graphic design - image enhancement, custom backgrounds, design matching your logo / corporate identity
more options for headers, logo placement, more menus
more complex presentation of galleries, portfolio, services
presentation of a higher number of products or services
higher number of pages and subpages and their design
multilingual site using WPML
Standard E-shop
Like simple website, plus these ecommerce features:
product presentation and categorisation / management
stock management
order management
customer registration & accounts
checkout and standard payment systems - paypal, bank account
standard shipping options (flat rate, free)
product filters and search
product charts - bestsellers, featured, top rated
Additional features
I can build a price based on your needs - basic presentation website plus additional features, not limited to these examples:
+£100 discussion forum
+£100 user registration, profiles, messaging, wall (Facebook style)
+£100 product presentation, but not an eshop (no ecommerce features like checkout)
+ £50/h SEO Audit
+ £250 Logo design
+ £200 Directory / listings site
... or ask me and we'll find a solution 🙂

A good website needs good web hosting and a domain. I recommend - all my websites are hosted by them and I'm a very happy customer. Good prices, good customer support and good admin interface  :).

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Hi there, I'm Lukas

Freelance webdesigner, entrepreneur and a traveller. After 8 years in London, working for as a project manager, I decided freedom is more valuable than money and a good career. I left this career behind to see the world and live by my real values. Now I freelance, live wherever I want and help others achieve their goals and dreams.

I spent last 7 years working in marketing, customer acquisition and effective online presence and been actively designing affordable websites for small businesses for the last 4 years.

I know you don't just need a website. What you really need is more customers, bigger turnover and less hassle.

I'm happy to help you achieve that. You can rely on my deadlines and you'll get more than just webdesign:

  • versatile and wide skillset - whilst working for, I moved up through various departments, learning various skills - PR, marketing, customer acquisition, pricing policies, ecommerce. I am self-sufficient since 2012, earning my living through various online channels - learning all the skills needed for that. A self-learner and pick up things fast - if there's something I don't know - I can quickly find good sources and learn it. You are paying only for webdesign, but you will get much more than just that - a combination of all these skills into the final product - an efficient and solid website, that works.

  • Knowledge of the market - I know how much the inputs cost nowadays, therefore I'm not asking "typical" market prices that somehow keep the same whilst the inputs are getting cheaper. I am asking prices that will make us both happy.
  • Efficiency - I work alone hence keeping overhead low - no bottleneck or delays because of a bigger and inefficient team or communication between departments. You are paying a one person team 🙂. I also don't talk my services up -
    you really don't need to pay more than a few hundred for a good website, not alone thousands or tens of thousands for standard webdesign, just nicely wrapped in sales talk.
  • WordPress templates - I design websites using WordPress - one of the best CMS' out there and premium, well tested website templates / themes. During my experience I have identified a bunch of good, well maintained and time-tested templates, which really speed up the work - most of the complex programming and graphic effects are built in. What I do is customise these using CSS / HTML or PHP to suit your needs and enhance their functionality using plugins (standard practice for WordPress). This way you don't have to pay a designer, a developer and a programmer.
  • Of course there's limits to this approach - I can't do everything. Especially if you need custom functionality or very specific graphic design that is very different to standard website layout. We'll discuss what is doable and what is not during our initial email conversation. If I can't deliver it for you I can at least help you further by discussing possibilities and best options for you.

More about me (slovak travel blog) Contact LinkedIn


Need a logo or complete corporate identity? Logo, business cards, leaflets or banners? We're here to help.

In colaboration with graphic designer and artist Gabriela Holcer we can create a uniqe logo, brochures or corporate identity, that will set you apart from your competitors and grab your customers attention.

We graphic design of:

  • logo - logotype
  • leaflets, brochures, flyers
  • corporate identity
  • business cards
  • marketing items

Price for a logo starts at £250. You'll get a profesionally designed logo created by a graphic designer. Drop a line to Gabriela with your requirements and she'll confirm the price.



What is an SEO Audit?

Jednoducho povedané - nastavím ti webstránku tak, aby spĺňala čo najviac možných podmienok a kritérií, na ktoré hľadí Google a iné vyhľadávače pri rozhodovaní na akej pozícii ťa umiestni vo výsledkoch vyhľadávania.

Čo je v cene?


1. Prieskum - nájdem kľúčové slová a frázy (na základe tvojho hlavného zamerania), ich synonymá, ich štatistiky vyhľadávania, vyberiem tie najvhodnejšie, prieskum konkurencie a ich štatistík + kľúčových slov.

2. Analýza - zistenie aktuálnej pozície vo vyhľadávaniach na vybrané kľúčové slová a frázy, rýchlosti načítavania webu, hustoty kľúčových slov v tvojich textoch. To isté spravím pre tvojich hlavných konkurentov, ktorých nájdem a zanalyzujem.

3. SEO textov - zaradenie kľúčových slov do textov a strategických miest webstránky.

4. Vylepšenia webu z hľadiska SEO - úprava častí webu, inštalácia rozšírení, ktoré zlepšia výkon tvojej webstránky z hľadiska vyhľadávačov, zrýchlenie načítavania úvodnej stránky a webstránky celkovo.

5. Lepšie štatistiky - prepojenie s Google webmaster tools a Google analytics.

6. Ďalšie odporúčania, ako zlepšíš svoju pozíciu - praktické rady do budúcnosti ako dosiahneš vyššie pozície a návštevnosť.


7. Analýza výsledkov SEO auditu - porovnanie štatistík a pozície pred SEO auditom a po ňom, ďalšie odporúčania a doladenie

Zaručiť ti špecifickú pozíciu neviem (a nemal by to ani žiadny solídny SEO špecialista sľubovať), pretože to ovplyvňujú aj externé faktory mimo našu kontrolu (vek tvojej stránky, vek stránok konkurencie, externé odkazy na tvoj web a na weby konkurencie a Google rank odkazujúcich webstránok, či maju platenú reklamu na tvoje kľúčové slová atd). Ale viem ti zaručiť zlepšenie dnešnej pozície. To ešte potvrdím po počiatočnej analýze situácie - tvojej webstránky a konkurencie.


Drop me a line and we'll discuss how I can help you. Happy to advise even if you won't order anything from me.

What type of website do you need?

Any additional features?

+100 GBP Discussion forum+100 GBP Members login & accounts+ 50 GBP/h SEO consultations - website analysis, keyword research, recommendations & adjustments

If you need graphic design, which elements?